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New and exclusive addition to the catalogue Art Gallery – Tailor Covering

Momenti Casa, famous for its personalized decorative solutions, enthusiastically announces a small but precious addition to its renowned catalogue Art Gallery – Tailor Covering, dedicated to graphics for decorative technical coverings in wallpaper, fiberglass and acoustic coverings. This update not only celebrates the talent of the past year's well-known artists, but also introduces a exclusive selection of new artists which further enrich the offer of Momenti Home.

Rediscover the Masters of the Past

The new catalog offers the opportunity to rediscover the works of artists from the past year, whose works have already won over interior design enthusiasts and professionals. Their graphics continue to stand out for their beauty and ability to transform any environment into a work of art. Momenti Casa, with its constant commitment to excellence, has chosen to keep these timeless works in the catalogue, which continue to receive widespread acclaim.

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A Small Range of New Talents

Alongside the already beloved artists, the catalogue Art Gallery – Tailor Covering News welcomes a new generation of talents who bring a breath of innovation and freshness. These new artists stand out for their ability to blend freehand drawing, painting, dripping and digital drawing techniques. Their art is not limited to beautifying spaces, but becomes a tool for anthropological exploration and investigation, combining concepts of design and anthropology to create works that reflect the complexity and beauty of the human experience.

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Art as Investigation and Embellishment

The guiding philosophy Momenti Casa in the selection of artists and their works is based on the belief that art should be more than a simple decorative element. The selected artists explore deep and universal themes, using art as a means to investigate the essence of man and his relationship with the surrounding environment. Their works invite deep reflection, transforming living spaces into places of beauty and thought.

A Constant Commitment to Excellence

With this new integration Art Gallery – Tailor Covering News, Momenti Casa once again confirms its commitment to excellence in interior design. Each new work selected meets rigorous criteria of quality and innovation, guaranteeing customers decorative solutions that are true works of art. The new catalog is now available, ready to inspire and transform spaces with its extraordinary beauty.

To discover the new graphics and artists of Momenti Home, visit our website and be inspired by the infinite possibilities offered by the Art Gallery – Tailor Covering catalogue.

Suite Collection by Fabio Rotella

Suite Collection
By Fabio Rotella

An elevator leaves to discover a fantastic place, perhaps in the clouds; the metaphor of Suites, like an intimate and surprising environment.
Suite Collection signed by Fabio Rotella for Momenti it is a collection of contemporary decorations divided into design themes, proposals with a strong identity, material textures, glamorous colors but above all a technological surprise that gives the collection an absolutely unique and futuristic connotation. In particular, the technological novelty of the “Augmented reality” was introduced for the first time in home coverings.

We are going through a historical period characterized by rapid technological development, which is leading to great changes and opening new horizons. Personally, I have always been fascinated by the application of technologies in the design field. In recent years the Studio has collaborated in the design of Metaverse and worked in the sector of Digital Art, NFT and Augmented Reality.

When we started working with the company Momenti, we found ourselves faced with a significant challenge: how to make our collection different from a simple aesthetic exercise centered on decorations. It was precisely our experience in the digital world that provided us with the unique and never-before-tested solution. Through the download of a simple application, it is now possible to immerse yourself in a new world where the perception of decoration is transformed through movements and new decorative elements that come to life and come alive, creating a surprising and engaging kinetic experience. Sometimes, this experience is accompanied by a sound testimony, making the decoration even more alive and capable of communicating astonishing emotions.

This technique, developed by Studio Rotella, was applied for the first time in the world on a covering product

Fabio Rotella

Suite Collection

The collection is divided into two types: animated decorations with the name "Superior Suite” and static decorations named “Classic Suite".

The Superior Suite presents eight animated graphics with augmented reality and are divided into different themes. Each graphic within this collection offers a unique visual experience, transporting viewers to a digital world, where video and sound breathe new life into decor. Framing the decoration with the app Artivive, on your smartphone you will be able to see the covering come to life. This innovative digital dimension greatly enriches the user experience, allowing the creation of short, entertaining videos in which people can position themselves next to the animation.

The Classic Suite is divided into four families, which are characterized by the following themes: dreamlike, architecture, gradient e optical. Through the inspiration of surreal art, the dreamlike dimension has been expressed with designs and decorations that challenge reality, making the environments more exciting and evocative. The influence of architecture is manifested by using clean and geometric lines, which give the collection a modern and refined character. Architectural elements such as arches and strips translate into minimalist patterns suitable for contemporary contexts. The carefully selected shades of color evoke specific emotions, bringing the warm tones of a summer dawn or the cold nuances of an autumn evening to the coverings. Finally, the optical effect adds a touch of dynamism, exploiting plays of light and shadows to create a three-dimensional perception of the surfaces.

All covering

The Suite Collection, produced by Momenti, covers any surface (internal and external, from the floor to the wall, up to the ceiling) and all types of furnishings and accessories (furniture, upholstered furniture, fabrics).
The decorations can be printed on glass fiber covering fabrics (Light Eco Fiber, Tecno Fiber), also covering bathroom surfaces, but also on acoustic fabrics (Acoustic Fiber, Sound-Absorbing Tecno Fiber) and wallpapers with structure canvas effect or photo effect (Grainy Wallpaper, Silky Hand Wallpaper).
Furnishings and furnishing accessories can also be covered, such as: tables and coffee tables, sofas and armchairs, seats and stools, beds, benches, cupboards, bathroom furniture, cushions and curtains, short and long pile carpets, lamps and mirrors.
Momenti offers the possibility of decorating your rooms with a vast range of artistic prints and 7 highly valuable supports, on which each decoration of the Superior Suite is printed.

LaBoutique: the new flagship store of Momenti

LaBoutique Home Concept

16 - 20 April 2024
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In the most important week for Italian and international design, MOMENTI® invites you to visit his new flagship store in Milan, inside the fashion district.
Starting from 16 April you can immerse yourself in our world, touch materials and textures and let yourself be transported by all the colours, shades and geometries inside the showroom. Everything has been thought out and designed with meticulous attention and in collaboration with him Studio Rotella.

Home Concept represents our way of interpreting interior design. Contamination and innovation are our characteristics in an environment, La Boutique, where interior products and solutions blend with art and ideas, in a continuous exchange of growth.
Laboutique space

Come and visit us in the new space in Milan from 16 to 20 April 2024, on the occasion of Milan Design Week. 

Margutta Design inaugurates its new space in collaboration with Momenti

Margutta Design
furniture and contract supply showroom
architectural design and interior design studio

23th November 2023

A factory dedicated to architecture and design finds a home in Rome, at number 5 of Via Margutta. Ideal location for an innovative commercial enterprise characterized by creativity, experience, competence and unique style.
Today design is fragmented into different disciplines, which together form a broad and complex scheme that characterizes the work of Margutta Design, which presents itself as architectural and interior design studios, industrial design, showrooms and art galleries.
The thirty-year experience of the managing director Giovanni Deidda, combined with the creativity of his collaborators, allows us to create projects characterized by a decisive sign and an always current design freshness. A staff of professionals, whose works and works begin with architectural planning and design, and then move into different cultural fields, such as the organization of exhibitions, cultural workshops and publishing, bring a 360° experience to a multipurpose space that is lends itself to this versatility.

our space

The space, located on two levels, showroom on one side and design studio on the other, opens the doors to the most important brands in the Made in Italy scenario such as ALBED, THE CUT KITCHEN, PORRO, FLEXFORM, MARAC DIVANI, MOMENTI, EVOLUENDO for furnishings. FIRAMAMENTO MILANO, SLAMP, LUCEPLAN, KARMAN, LEUCOS for lighting. Leading companies in the world of contemporary furniture and design, supported by careful design consultancy and the promotion of cutting-edge proposals.

Margutta Design for architects, planners and interior designers

On the lower floor of the space, the exhibition continues as well as a meeting room and an important material library available to our professional partners, where they can meet their clients in complete confidentiality and full autonomy, show their projects and products ranging from from furnishings to furnishing accessories, fabrics, parquet and everything relating to indoor and outdoor supplies, for the total renovation of private, public and contract residences.

The virtual showcase

The central point of this innovative commercial enterprise is the installation of the virtual showcase: three evocative large touch screens, visible from the splendid Via Margutta, a street of great artistic and cultural interest, which allow our partner designers and artists, a direct connection between Margutta Design and the client, to view projects, creations, products, ideas and artistic proposals.

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The inauguration

Phygital Art – Konny Collection

Milan Digital Week 2023

The Boutique – Tempini1921, 7 October 2023
Curated by Fabio Rotella
Studio Rotella

Studio Rotella is an international design studio, with offices in Milan, London, Malta and Beijing, made up of professionals active in various sectors of creativity, architects, interior designers, industrial designers and graphic designers, coming from all over the world, with training courses different professional and educational experiences. The Studio carries out projects all over the world with the possibility of following all phases, from design to implementation, involving the best Italian construction, interior design and supply companies. Since 2021, Studio Rotella has had a team of professionals specialized in the Digital sector, with whom it has created an unprecedented collection of NFTs, a Crypto Art project, named Konny.
Architect Fabio Rotella has also begun his collaboration with one of the most innovative and high-performance Metaverse projects in the world, together with "The Nemesis" with which he is developing the "City Tower" project.

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Konny NFT

On the occasion of the “Milano Digital Week 2023”, Studio Rotella presents the Phygital project “Konny NFT”, a union between physical and digital at La Boutique – Tempini 1921.
The partners of Studio Rotella and Tempini were invited to create products depicting Konny, in a limited edition and will subsequently be certified by an NFT (Non-Fungible Token). Wallpapers, carpets, tables, furnishing accessories and coverings were created. Furthermore, a selection of Digital Art works were introduced, in which the new AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology was tested, which changed the appearance of the Konny and generated new imaginary scenarios.
Konny is a pop icon, born from the culture of Design and contaminating the world of Crypto Art, created by Fabio Rotella, one of the first architects to enter the world of Blockchain, creating an unprecedented collection of NFTs.
An iconic bunny bearer of messages, ideas and reflections, linked to current issues. Konny takes us into a dreamlike dimension, expressing ethical values, love for man and the planet, scrutinizing the mysteries of the universe.
The Digital Art collection is made up of a limited series of unique pieces, sold exclusively in the Foundation marketplace. The first work of art sold is entitled "Konny Solidarity", the proceeds were donated to associations against the war in Ukraine. The launch of Konny's second NFT, entitled “K The Messenger”, took place during the “DDN HUB” event at the Fuori Salone 2022. The work was the protagonist of the cover of DDN Magazine n.276 and of the Metaverse of DDN HUB, present on The Nemesis platform. The magazine features a QR-Code that allows direct access to the marketplace.
Konny has participated in other important events, such as: Metaforum Lugano 2022, Art Digital – NFT Exhibition, during the Lugano Art Week and Metaforum Milan 2023. 

A new way to experience the hotel room with Mush-Room

Mush-Room: the hotel room designed by Carlo Donati Studio

The hospitality and hospitality fair in Rimini creates "Rooms", an entire area dedicated to the project and design solutions, all Made in Italy. In fact, during this edition, with the theme "Utopia", six of the most important architecture and design studios will show their creativity in the form of areas specifically designed to experience transformative tourism. Among these - in pavilion D3 - Carlo Donati Studio will also be present, which has always specialized in the design of exclusive homes, shops and resorts; for the occasion Momenti and La Boutique Tempini will be partners in the creation of the Mush-Room hotel room.

The concept by Carlo Donati Studio for Rooms inspired by the theme of Utopia has a strong vegetal matrix, a precise reference to the enveloping morphology of the leaf and the shape of the mushroom. We imagined the room as a timeless area immersed in a direct and ancestral relationship with nature. The sinuous and organic progression of the lines redesigns the hotel room, enveloping the body of those who live there in a comfortable embrace. 
The bed and study area are protected by two large symmetrical shells, like large stylized and futuristic leaves that wrap around them from the floor, covering them with a hat canopy. The leaf mirroring the bed is flexible and can accommodate a lounge area with work desk and monitor. The top of the desk is made of transparent touch screen Corian.
The coveted wardrobes and bathrooms are masked by light filters with a wavy pattern. The surfaces are continuous in the name of the curved and enveloping line. The sinuous lines of the coveted wardrobe and bathroom design a circular niche that houses a chromotherapy shower with shades of color that recall the phenomenon of foliage.

The wooden leaf structure is wrapped in a fiberglass covering made by the company Momenti based on a custom design by Studio Donati as well as the micropattern fabric that covers the bed. The carpet flooring is always made to the design of the Studio da Momenti in an iridescent graphic in shades of rust and mauve up to ivory. The armchairs and coffee tables designed by the Studio are produced by Momenti.

Tempini boutique Milan supplied the bathroom fixtures, taps and shower head from the Afro-Geromin Group.


Momenti arrives at the Milan Furniture Fair 2022

On the occasion of the next Salone del Mobile di Milano 2022, we will present to the public some important innovations for the world ofinterior decor.

In addition to one renewed collaboration with artists emerging, designers and well-known names in art and interior design, our company will present Luxury Fibre, a new decorative technical fabric in glass fiber with gold and/or silver-like filigree. A collection of lights and lamps, Lolita, in fiberglass: iconic pieces for a total look and to give personality to the rooms. They close the roundup of news i sound absorbing panels in glass wool with eco-digital printing to soundproof large and small environments with real works of art.

We are waiting for you at Hall 10, Stand D08 of the Milan fair and, moreover, we will be happy to welcome you in our flagship store of Monza from 7 to 12 June to savor and fully understand everything that revolves around the world ofItalian Custom Design.



Fuorisalone Milano 2021: Hotel innovation & Design at the Tempini 1921 Boutique

During the week dedicated to design, numerous events, exhibitions and installations enlivened the city. MOMENTI had the pleasure of participating in the round table on the topic Hotel Innovation & Design, held by Tempini at the Tempini1921 Boutique in the heart of Milan, theater of presentations and dialogues on design.

Times, since 1921, is today one of the largest Italian companies in the supply and installation of finishes for building and architecture: floors, walls, bathroom furnishings.

On the day of the workshop, problems, ideas and news regarding the world of the hotel industry were addressed. Each one brought his personal experience and made his knowledge available.


MOMENTI at SUPERSALONE 2021 with the new 2021 Collections

This special edition of the has now come to an end Salone del Mobile 2021, this year renamed super salon and curated by the architect and president of Triennale Milano Stefano Boeri.

Participation in the great design fair, which represented a moment of great relaunch and rebirth for the company, allowed us to introduce the new Collections, arousing great interest and curiosity in the visitors.

Proud of the work carried out and confident for the future, we extend our thanks to all those who have come to visit us in our exhibition space, hoping that these opportunities for mutual knowledge can generate fruitful comparisons and solid collaborative relationships.


MOMENTI participate in the 7th edition of BIT of LUGANO in collaboration with BESPACE

The 7th edition of the Ticino Real Estate Exchange (BIT) has recently opened its doors to present the products of all its partners to architects, designers and industry experts.

The only theme of the fair environmental sustainabilityMomenti together with all its Bespace partners are waiting for you inside the mock-up designed ad hoc with the other brand partners in the world indoor e outdoor.




On the occasion of the week dedicated to design with the return of the Supersalone, Yamamay invited Swordsmen Archive e MOMENTI® for them to customize the central space of the flagship store in the heart of Milan, in Piazza Cordusio, with the intention of representing the beauty and values ​​of its brand through the creativity of Archivio Spadacini and the technology combined with the craftsmanship of MOMENTI®. 

The original graphics of Maestro Spadacini, reworked by the current creative team of Archivio Spadacini, accompany the visitor in an immersive and vibrant experience, where nature lights up with electric and intense colours. An iGlamorous and wild interpretation of the Yamamay space where thehe sub-tropical forest comes alive with the presence of a haughty and majestic leopard, timeless, which seems to guard an uncontaminated nature far from modern man. 

This is thanks to the technology and craftsmanship of MOMENTI®, whose innovative and ecological fiberglass coating, totally customized for the specific use, adapts to different surfaces and materials with great ductility and effectiveness. 


Milan Supersalone 2021


Genoa Design Week 21

In collaboration with Gi.Vi Arreda Savona

MOMENTI® is pleased to take part in the second edition of GENOVA DESIGN WEEK 2021, the event dedicated to the world of design, which will take place from 17 to 21 June 2021, with the theme  “The City that leaves and flowers”.
MOMENTI® take part in the event by presenting the 2021 novelties, a preview of what will be shown at super salon the special event of the Salone del Mobile in Milan.

Green, nature, man, city, technology, designer, design craftsmanship, products and materials, surface, home and decor design: with insights, conferences, seminars, debates.

Extraordinary exhibition areas such as lobbies, rooms, apartments in the heart of the district.

An exhibition itinerary with widespread green installations, the true protagonist of the second edition.

The second edition becomes Genoa Design Week and this time it involves the whole city with promotional openings of the protagonists of the architecture, design, creativity and extra-sector sectors related to "green", becoming a single extraordinary event.

An opportunity for visibility and professionalism to make people understand the huge potential for designers, both from a qualitative and planning point of view.



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